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Project Management Sydney

Are you implementing an agile framework? Do you need an agile project manager? Do you need help with agile projects? Our agile project managers can assist you to implement agile strategies within your business.

Are you trying to implement a waterfall framework? Do you need a waterfall project manager? Do you require an assistance with waterfall projects? Our waterfall project managers can assist you with implementing waterfall strategies for your business.

Is Information technology project manager required by your business in order to implement a vital IT infrastructure? Are you in-sourcing the information technology operation? We have supported many clients who struggled with information technology projects.



Are you looking for a program manager? Do you have a large program on standby and you are seeking help? We can be of a great help for all your business needs.


Are you thinking of setting up a new PMO office? Are you looking for a new PMO manager? Is Project Management Office (PMO) undergoing transformation? Contact us and we can help.


Looking to implement projects, but lacking governance? Is project governance important to your organisation? We can help with governance modules, stakeholders and communication.


Are you trying to deliver the project on time? Do you need the input to calculate cost accurately? Is project critical path important to you? Call us now and we can show you how to.


Do you have a tender waiting to be managed? Do you need help to win a contract? Or are you trying to find the best vendor to deliver your project? We can direct you through the process.


Is project funding depending on the business case completion? Do you need help with outlining project, strategic alliance? Do you need to outline project objectives and cost benefit analysis for decision making? Contact us now.



Do you have a project that requires a workshop?  Need to create a collaborative meeting in order to generate productive ideas or innovation? Contact us today and we will help you to make the most out of the workshop.


Are looking to keep all parties up-to-date with project status? Are looking to keep all parties up-to-date with project progress? Is the project stakeholder expectation met? Give us a call today and we will take care of all your project communication requirement.


Are you trying to deliver the project on-time? Are you trying to deliver the project on-budget? Do you need to reduce business liabilities? Do you need to deliver the project disaster free and ensure smooth completion of project activities? Contact us today for help?



Are you trying to estimate the project budget? Are you working to establish project financial feasibility? Are you looking for a project manager that can achieve great cost savings? Contact us today for immediate help.


Are you trying to save time and reduce the project change impact? Are you trying to implement effective change management processes? Are you looking for strategies to as a response to customer’s changing demands? Call us now?


Are you implementing a change in the organisation and you need to minimise resistance to change? Are you looking to minimise the disruption of change on the organisation performance? Contact us today for immediate help.

About Us

We have established Project Management Sydney to achieve excellence in project delivery and ensure the successful delivery of projects Australia wide. We focus on boosting project performance and we do this by applying best practices and assign the right project manager to the project.  Hence, we have established an exceptionally great track record for project delivery.

We have the expertise to tackle key project elements such as business case development, governance, schedule management, resource management, communications management, budgeting and financial management, change management, quality management, risk management, requirement elicitation and more.

Founder: Sargon Odisho, MBA, BE, SBM
A message from Sargon:

Hi there,

I’m an MBA level PM with 16 years’ maximising business value and driving strategic business initiatives through successful delivery of Programs/Projects. I have proven track record.


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